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Chapter 11


Because of recent state government actions, over thirty percent of Nevadans are out of work. The long-term effects on our economy will be devasting. Property values are likely to reach levels unseen for a decade. If you find yourself upside down in a property purchased within the last four years, we can help you to rectify that situation through a Chapter 11 proceeding. This would allow you to not only simply modify your loan, but cram it down to current depressed values. Chapter 11 is a complicated proceeding but can result in what is essentially a new loan on your property with a greatly reduced principal balance. Please call us for a free consultation.


Chapter 7- Liquidation for those with minimal assets and low income


Chapter 13- Reorganization for clients with some assets and considerable income who need debt relief and/or a permanent modification of their home loan payment terms.


Dealing with a potential bankruptcy can be a hallowing proposition. The professionals at Thomas E. Crowe Professional Law Corporation will assist you with your personal or business bankruptcy procedures.


Count on Mr. Crowe and his experience and knowledge regarding bankruptcy issues. Allow us to help you by stopping levies and lawsuits surrounding your bankruptcy. We offer our clients in-office and over-the-phone consultations as well. Get in touch with us today!

  • Reduce or eliminate IRS bills

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  • Eliminate credit card debt

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